Brian Sims and the Era of Intolerance

Brian Sims

My anxiety is through the roof this morning after watching this video of an elderly woman peacefully protesting the protection of baby lives. This woman is a literal angel, the Lord has given her an incredible load of tolerance to deal with this heinous, disrespectful man that refuses to stop harassing her. This man is a democratic member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, he was voted in and THAT is a scary realization. WAKE UP AMERICA. This leftist is SO intolerant that he can’t bare to see a woman stand outside a clinic and pray for not only the unborn babies but for the women about to make this horrific mistake that will leave her broken for the years that follow. She’s not standing there with a sign, screaming or shouting, she’s praying and pacing. It’s a shame that the activists on the left are so nasty & overbearing that the right is silenced. Thank the Lord we still have our right to vote though our voices have been silenced. And thank the Lord there are still strong, brave, and relentless hero’s on the right such as this woman who won’t be silenced and won’t show the same intolerance that this man has shown her. SHAME ON HIM for what he did to her. Calling her an “old white lady” and putting his phone up in her face while mocking her was in no way shape or form an okay way to treat anyone but especially not an elderly woman.

We’re living in an era where people think that if you don’t believe what they do then your lesser than they. That if you choose to vote against something you don’t agree with then you’re “hateful”. Being someone that believes that life begins at conception I question what would make someone believe I’d choose to vote “pro choice”. That’s like saying, “I’m not okay with killing my children but I’m totally okay with you killing yours” and that’s just not the case. The Lord created sex of course for human pleasure but also to reproduce, we need to take responsibility for our actions. If you aren’t ready for children then maybe you aren’t ready for the activity that allows you to. In this day in age that’s a crazy concept but to me the crazy concept is the fact that human life is tossed around like it’s a toy your dog doesn’t want to play with anymore.

Time and time again I hear of someone getting pregnant accidentally and the first question is typically “are you gunna keep it?” Nothing makes my stomach twist more. That child is given a home, within the mother, to be protected and cared for until able to continue growing outside of the womb. What kind of twisted world do we have to live in for a mother “the protector” to allow doctors to go in and brutally murder their own? If you don’t believe it’s brutal then YouTube the procedure, it’s horrific. If you can’t sit through it then you should probably ask yourself why not. There are many things I believe should be voted on, but murdering human life at any stage or age is not one of them.

Babies are innocent and a gift from God, they’ve done no wrong yet they’re being put down before even given a chance. YES the adoption system is flawed and could use some serious work but adoption is ALWAYS an option if you cannot or do not want to care for or your child. Rape is a TERRIBLE thing, but why does the baby have to suffer for it? Two wrongs don’t make a right. Planned parenthood needs to be SHUT DOWN for good because the good does not outweigh the bad. Murdering a baby is never okay. Abortion was the leading cause of death worldwide in 2018, killing 42 MILLION people. And I’ll leave you with that.

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