America’s Trump Rebellion

It blows my mind that people are still throwing a “not my president” tantrum. The fact that every time I turn on the news I am constantly reminded how rebellious people actually are. There are laws being passed that are flat out morally wrong. Things are being debated that shouldn’t even be on the table for discussion. If you’d blinded and are reading this questioning what I’m talking about here’s just a few of many:

1. THE ABORTION CRISIS. It’s already bad enough that mothers are okay with slaughtering their babies while in the womb (their “safe space”) trying to grow. But now there’s talk about doing it up until birth and even after birth?? That should even be screaming murder to people who are pro choice. Nothing makes me more DISGUSTED then the thought of that horrific procedure being done to any mother or child. I can talk all day about that but on to my next point.

2. THE WALL. If you don’t want a wall I’m going to go ahead and assume that you’re okay with human trafficking, drug smuggling, illegal activity, and wasting funds. I’m going to also assume that you aren’t actually against a wall but that you’re actually just in rebellion towards our president. Everybody knows that walls, gates, fences, and doors are used for PRIVACY, SECURITY and SAFTEY. We put them around our houses, our neighborhoods, our communities, our office buildings, must I go on. They are used for our protection. They are built to keep people out from places they don’t belong. A wall is not going to keep people from coming into the country that are doing it legally only illegally. It is going to keep at least the criminals that don’t belong here AWAY. What’s so wrong with reducing unnecessary crime?! If you don’t like the president that’s fine but to be against the protection of our borders and the people of this country is absurd.

3. WHY ARE FARTING COWS TAKING OVER THE NEWS? Do we not have anything better to discuss!?

4. AND WHY THE HECK ARE WE GIVING AOC ALL THIS AIR TIME 😂 I have yet to hear anything intelligent come out of her mouth.

A what I seriously cannot wrap my mind around is the fact that people actually WANT to see our president fail. That’s like sitting on an airplane and wanting your pilot to crash. You might not like him, for whatever reason you find “just” but at the end of the day his failure is your failure because we are united. He’s proven to be a man of his word, he’s done his part to make America great again. The only thing going wrong is the people who are resisting him and rebelling against the country as a whole. Our president is not perfect by any means and he doesn’t claim to be. He’s said plenty of things that could have been worded differently or even not said to begin with. He’s clearly offended people but I don’t think anyone can disagree with me when I say, we live in a generation where people are WAY too easily offended. At the end of the day his job title doesn’t require him to be “nice” or to please everyone he’s speaking to or speaking about. His job is to be our president. To protect the citizens of this country and to make America great again like he promised, and I’d say he’s done a pretty terrific job so far. I’m hoping to see what he’ll do in the years to come!

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