Orlando —> Phoenix

The Lord is so good ALL 👏🏽 THE 👏🏽 TIME 👏🏽. So here’s an update for those of you who don’t know. Today I picked up my life and moved it to Phoenix, Arizona. Let’s rewind and hear all the crazy things God did to set this whole thing up.

As most of you know I was working in the food industry for the past 5-6 years as a hostess/server. Though it wasn’t a long term calling it was a great fit during college because it allowed me flexible hours and quick money. After graduation I found myself complacent waiting tables and extremely dissatisfied (not because it was a bad job but because i didn’t feel called to be there).

One day I was encouraged by my manager to leave the food industry, she believed that I had some great qualities and gifts that I was unable to use while waiting tables. She had such great belief in my potential. Shortly after, I started asking God for direction. I wanted so badly for an opportunity to pop out at me that I would know was Gods doing. I looked into a handful of jobs in Orlando but nothing felt clear.

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine reached out and asked if I wanted to go to SAS (a 4 day massive conservative gathering in West Palm). She said that everything would be taken care of and all I had to do was get myself there. So that’s exactly what I did. Long story short, when I got there I could feel that God had set the whole thing up. I was so drawn to these speakers that were inspiring and sharing truth with the next generation and I wanted in! So, I went to the job fair they had and applied to work for Turning Point (honestly was okay with any position at that point, I just wanted to be a part of the movement). A week later I got the interview and then got the job PRAISE THE LORD!

I was asked to fly out for training a week after accepting and then to move out there the following week. Two weeks to pick my whole life up and move it across the country?? To most people that might sound crazy. By saying yes rather then no, God made it all possible. Where would I stay? How could I find roommates that quickly? How could I afford a move that big?

Let me tell you something, when God tells you to jump DO IT. Within 24 hours my mom had found a connection to a couple in Phoenix that just built a brand new three bedroom house for the two of them and felt that God wanted them to bless someone else with what they had been blessed with. Needless to say they’re letting me come live with them until I find a place (LOOK AT GOD)!!!! Speaking of finding a place, My friend (the one that invited me to SAS) just so happened to need a roommate this upcoming June… (LOOK AT GOD)!! Side note, My car was going to need about 1-2 grand of work done before I took it anywhere based on what was said last time I took it to the shop. Took it in to get fixed AND IT NEEDED NO REPAIRS. LITERALLY A MIRACLE (LOOK AT GOD)!!

Guys, two weeks ago I was wondering what 2019 was going to look like. Never underestimate God’s plan. Be fearless and open your eyes and your mind to opportunity when it presents itself. Who would of thought I’d be on a plane right now to starting this new journey, on the other side of the country, to work for an incredible organization, and able to be a small part of a huge movement! GOD IS GOOD.

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