Be Vocal

YOU are fearfully and wonderfully made! Be yourself and don’t let anyone silence you. I’m a God fearing woman. I’m a conservative. I’m Pro life. I support the 2nd amendment. I defend constitution and the principles of our founding fathers. I support our president and I love this country. I’m a hard worker and overcomer. I believe that you aren’t entitled to anything but that you should earn and work hard for everything. I’m tough and independent. I’m a free thinker and stand firm in what I believe. I believe in justice for all. I believe theres value in meeting people where they’re at. I believe that this nation needs more Jesus. I believe that no matter what a persons story, background, or connections are they are capable of accomplishing anything they put their minds to. I believe that big government sucks. I know that there is good that can be found in any trial in life. I am not ashamed of who I am or what I believe and you shouldn’t be either! Not everybody is going to love or agree with you and that’s okay. Stand firm and strong in a world full of people that want to see you give up, change your mind or be silenced. Never lose your voice because when you lose your voice you lose your rights.

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