Is Journalism the dream for me?

What a journey it’s been looking for my “dream job” and where exactly it is that I would fit in. I hate the old school concept of finding that one job that I’ll work and move up in the rest of my life until I retire (just not appealing to me). I’ve felt so much pressure since graduation (a year ago) to find the perfect thing that I’ve considered the most random jobs even if they don’t specifically fit my skill set of personality. And honestly WHO KNOWS when I’ll actually find a job that I LOVE! I’m sure I’ll have to try a couple things out before I find something I want to do for at least the next couple years! I’ve recently realized that there are more people in the same boat as me then I assumed which has helped me understand that it’s OKAY and that I shouldn’t settle or feel trapped. It’s OKAY to try different jobs out and that I’m never actually “trapped”.

Honestly, this morning while I was blogging, the thought came to me that I would probably LOVE to be a journalist! I’ve always wanted to do something with politics but was never good with public speaking & without any research of what else was out there tossed that idea down the drain. But WHO KNOWS? A new dream has been planted in me! I might try some other things out before that door opens up. All I can say is as I continue to learn more about myself and God’s plan for my life I can’t help but shove fear down the drain and get excited because I trust in Him and His plans for my life!!

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