How has the 30 day detox changed my life??

As far back as I can remember I’ve been athletic and all about my fitness. When people ask me what sport I played I say “all of them” because honestly I wanted to try everything. Most people would say I got lucky because I have a high metabolism and don’t gain weight easily. My diet has ALWAYS been on the back burner because of this. Guys, I played sports my whole life. My favorite class was PE. I went to college and got my degree in Kinesiology/Exercise Science. Learned all about the benefits of nutritional value and managed to believe it didn’t apply to my life because I was already tiny and muscular. What a misconception.

This past spring I did and internship at a strength and conditioning gym where I got to sit down and chat with a nutritionalist. After standing on a machine and learning more about my body I discovered I was considered “skinny fat”. OUCH. ME?? The wheels started turning for me.

Then I started my Arbonne business. We have 3 starter kits nutrition, cosmetics, and skincare. As far back as I can remember I’ve been exhausted meaning no matter how much I sleep I always wake up tired. I’ve always had bad acne. I’ve always had low energy and feel like I hit my “slump” first thing in the morning and drag it through the day with me. I’ve always had bad migraines. I’ve always had stress/anxiety and mild depression. Oh and I almost forgot, bloating is a huge one (most females do so I didn’t even recognize that one till later). That being said I kicked my business off with the nutrition kit also known as the 30 day detox.

GUYS. When I say that two days in I was already seeing changes I’m not joking. I was full of so many emotions that second day because it was such a slap in the face for me. I LEARNED ABOUT THIS STUFF IN CLASS & HAVE A DEGREE FOR IT. By day 2 I was feeling better then I have my entire life and continued feeling better and better throughout the 30 days. Those issues I had DISAPPEARED. Don’t get me wrong I’ll get a pimple or two, a headache here or there, if I get 5 hours of sleep I’m going to be tired. But guys as far as I’m concerned my diet CURED ME. I could of been “fixed” a long time ago.

No dermatologist prescribed a healthier diet to clear up my complexion. No doctor prescribed a healthier diet to fix my sleep, anxiety, stress, depression, energy levels, or migraine problems. BUT WHY NOT. There is no magic pill or easy way out. But guys if you want to see some real deal changes, DIET IS YOUR TICKET. Sure you can “get by” if you workout regularly but you will NEVER feel or look your absolute best.

I look back and can’t imagine what it would of been like to never have felt the way I do now. To never have figured out the importance of my diet and how it’s a domino effect on the rest of my life. Being healthy isn’t “cheap” it isn’t “easy” either. It isn’t a 30 day program (though it’s an amazing head start). It’s a life style change. You have to commit to good health. Meaning a healthy diet and exercise. Don’t allow yourself ANY EXCUSES.

Allow your body to feel the way it was designed to. Allow food to enhance your life and stop filling it with crap that doesn’t. If you need to start with the 30 day program like I did to figure it all out and a coach to hold you accountable GREAT! I’d LOVE to help you!!! If you can do it on your own, then DO IT! But don’t allow year after year to go by and allow yourself to believe that you’ll get around to it because you won’t! Life is so short friends. You only have one life and it is so precious and valuable.

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