My heart is completely shattered this morning thinking back on this day 17 years ago. I was only 8 years old but I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember how the world seemed to stop the moment of the attack. The whole country was in shock and a state of helplessness. I also remember seeing the police men and firefighters running into the burning building and then what remained of it after its collapse. I watched from my tv men and women putting their own lives on the line to save as many others as they could. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized much since then. At 8 years old I didn’t fully understand terror, I didn’t understand the concept that there were people out there wanting to harm other people. Though it was a scary realization, I also realized how many heroes we have in this country. I realized that an attack that was only meant to bring us terror and pain also brought us strength and the ability to unite as a nation. I watched this video first thing this morning and it brought me so many tears just imagining what it was like being in the towers or on the plane feeling helpless and afraid, but how many of them were brave through it all. I couldn’t imagine being the loved ones outside of the towers receiving the phone call knowing that my family, friend or loved one was stuck in a tower that was burning to the ground by the second. My heart is so broken for the lives that we lost on that day and the families that have spent the past 17 years without their loved ones. I’m so thankful for the heroes we have in this country that took themselves out of safety to save the lives of others. I’m thankful that there were many survivors because of those hero’s. I’m thankful for the strength/security precautions of this country since keeping us as safe as possible. I pray that if anything as horrible as this happens in the future that it continues to backfire on the terrorists and that it only brings us closer together and stronger then we were. Lord, bless the families that lost loved ones in this attack. Comfort them not only today but everyday. Fill their lives with hope and with love from those around them. Protect our country from the evil of this world and from the devils work. Amen ❤️US-attacks-1

Voices from inside the towers

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