Sponsor a Child


For so many years I’ve been offered the opportunity to sponsor a child (church conferences mostly). I’ve given myself the excuse time and time again that I’m young and don’t have the money for it. I’ve told myself that there are plenty of financially stable adults out there that can afford to help so I can sit back and let them take care of it. THIS IS SUCH A LIE FROM THE DEVIL! Sponsoring a child costs $35 a month guys! That’s less then most of us make in a single day of work no matter what our job title might be. Less then a day of work and we can put food on the table, and provide benefits and care for a child. Your $35 a month allows the child to go to bed with food in their stomachs. Can you really read this and make yourselves believe that $35 is even a sacrifice? Do you really have to take the time to consider your finances and reason whether it’s worth it or not? Most of us go out to eat multiple times a week, feel the need to buy the latest technology, have unhealthy shopping habits, waste gas, we have gym memberships and music/tv subscriptions, ladies we get our nails, hair, eyebrows done! None of this is to make you feel bad about where you spend your money but rather to make you sit back and realize that you can afford to sponsor ONE child regardless of your age or income. The statistics are HIGH. Kids are starving and in great need all over the world. You are only one person, what difference can you really make in that statistic? The answer is, a huge one by being someone who stepped up to the plate and took action when they saw a need. Someone who wanted to change a life and by doing so helped change the statistics. Stop reading things like this and thinking “oh that’s nice I hope people read this and sponsor a child, maybe one day I will be able to afford it”. Because that’s the mistake I made for SO long. It wasn’t until the end of my week in the Dominican that I realized that we are ALL called to help the needy whether it’s one child or 10 children. But we must do SOMETHING we can’t sit back anymore and keep ignoring an issue that’s much bigger then it should be. It was on my bus ride back to the Santo Domingo air port that I decided to stop being idle and jump right in with both feet. I am now sponsoring a 3 year old little girl named Yanneli Andreina. I have high hopes that I’ll have the opportunity to go back to El Carrizal and meet her because little does she know she has already changed my life more then I’m changing hers and I thank God for changing my heart and mind the way that he has.

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