Human Trafficking Nightmare


I had a nightmare last night that I feel the need to share. I was seeing through the eyes of a girl my age with an infant on her hip. She was leaving the states to travel down to South America. Throughout this nightmare, this young girl was being stalked by human traffickers. She was captured and then somehow would manage to escape but they wouldn’t stop coming after her and the baby. She was in public places screaming for help and wondering why no one was helping. How could no one see that she needed their help? The final time she was caught she knew there would be no way to escape. I remember her tied up waiting to be tortured with the baby crying in one of the mans hands. She was asking what they would do with the baby but they ignored her. She then watched them do horrible things to the baby. Then I woke up. GUYS this is the real deal and it breaks my heart. If we’re aware of it why do we continue to be sit back and do nothing? This is our problem. HUMAN LIFE IS SO PRECIOUS. Human trafficking isn’t just happening outside of the states, it’s happening here. It’s happening all around us. The girl in my nightmare is real. She represents all of the people out there crying and screaming for help until they no longer can. Am I the only one being stirred up right now?? I pray that if you aren’t as stirred up as I am that the Lord gives you a better understanding & that he changes your heart. I pray that as I seek finding a door way to helping these girls you find yourself looking for one too.

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